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Need PST File Splitter

MS Outlook is one of the widely used personal information manager and email client server that uses PST file as the main data storage file to store most of the outlook stuffs like notes, tasks ,calendars, journals etc. With the increase and rapid growth in the personal communication and information, size of the PST file in outlook which is used for storing all these data also increases. So sometimes to reduce the size of the PST files we need PST file splitter to split large sized PST files into smaller ones.

Why do we need PST file splitter ?

  • Increased number of items in Outlook PST files or large sized PST files result in slow performance of Outlook.
  • It becomes to very difficult to manage , search or move large sized PST files.
  • Lower version of Outlook like Outlook 97, Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002 supports ANST format of Outlook that restricts the size of PST file to 2GB and when the size of the PST files extends from 2GB PST file get corrupted resulting in inaccessibility of data stored in PST files.

So in this situation you need to split PST file into smaller size. Outlook comes installed with an inbuilt too called PST2GB.EXE that is an Outlook utility for truncating oversized PST files. But sometimes you may experience some unfortunate conditions using this tool as it may delete some of importance data from PST file while truncating PST. So to prevent data loss situations you need to download a third party PST file splitter software.

PST Splitter software provides best solution to easily split large sized PST file into smaller and manageable size PST files. PST splitter is the ultimate tool that easily split large sized PST files files into smaller and manageable PST files that are easy to operate and helps in improving Outlook performance and also prevents Outlook PST corruption. Download PST File Splitter Freeware to know more about its features.

User Guide

Step 1. Download and launch PST file software and choose “Select Multiple file options”.

Step 2. After that you can select the split criteria – 'Split by Time' or 'Split by Size'.

Step 3. If you want to split by time than you will find below screen.

Step 4. If the PST files are saved at different locations, than you need to enter the PST file path, destination path, start date, end date, and after that click on 'Add PST File' button.

Step 5. But if the PST is saved in a particular folder than, enter the PST file path, size, and then click on 'Add PST File' button.

Step 6.And if , you select 'Split By Size' option, then you will encounter below mentioned screen.

Step 7. To s elect the desired Pat file above mentioned steps should be repeated.

System Requirements

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